Talentas: 6.68


Data: 2013-03-18
Nuoroda: http://www.hidalgo.im/
Kūrėjas: Gaumina Gaumina

Imagine what a digital agency like no other would look like. Or simply go to a website:www.hidalgo.im 

A concept was bullshit-free agency: “Cut the bullshit, let’s talk and do business”.

When entering website a user would see the annoying seller with all phrases of marketing: ‘Blue sky thinking’, ‘Think outside the box’, ‘Trust me’.

Everybody in the industry is fed up with that kind of marketing’s trash talks. So the consumer would get rid of the annoying seller throwing him to a rubbish bin. And start taking a real benefit to their business. Then meeting Hidalgo experience would begin.

The website is easy to navigate and created for mobile and touch screen usage.